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History of KASHIWA

Famous Production areas  




Takayama of Hida is situated at the northern section of Gifu Prefecture, at about the center of Japan. Mountains with thick greenery surrounds Takayama,city with rich history, preserving the streets from the Edo period. Hida is a “country of forests,” with deep relationships with trees from the ancient times.

Through life coexisting with nature, culture of woodcraft is born and the culture has been kept and polished by the carpenters and craftsmen to date.

With the tradition rooted in the culture, the skills reproduce the warmth of wood in our life.

Such are the furniture and crafts from Hida. We find skills and design built into them, which would fly with potentials to every corners of the world.

The origin and evolution of Hida's furniture



In 1920, Takayama was the main industry with raw silk production. And the wood industry was mostly material production.The rich beech wood of the local was only used for shoes parts or fuel charcoal.

At that time, "two engineer visited Takayama and told the story that " bent beech wood and made furniture by it." The influential people in Takayama heard the story, they entrusted funds and launched a woodworking company.

An attempt to utilize abundant beech resources for furniture began and received government assistance. It was a Tornet type "bentding chair" with high difficulty still nowday. They gradually improved the quality with trial and error. And after 2 years, they were completed the confidenceable products. It seems that it took about 3 years to develop a full-scale sales channel.


It is the cornerstone of Hida's furniture industry.

Activities as HIDA furniture



In 1950, It was formed the Takayama Woodworking Association (present Hida Woodworkers Association) as a social organization.

In 1982, we acquired the approval of cooperatives and established the position of local leader industry.

Hida which developed by furniture production mainly chairs in Japan.

And We made brand appeal in urban areas ahead of other production areas.Additionally, we actively exhibited at overseas exhibitions to promote Hida's furniture design and quality excellence from Hida to the world.

We are continuing activities towards the world.

PR of Hida's furniture



We hosts "Hida Furniture Festival" every September. And then we let customers know the beauty and technology of Hida's furniture.


About 70 years, by continuing the event activities, the "Hida's furniture" recognition has increased and become widely recognized

We hold not only our own new furniture exhibition but also the Design Grand Prize and symposium, and participate in the direction of the momentum. We will continue to excite the Hida event.

KASHIWA is making furniture according to the Hida Design Charter.

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Based on the spirit of "Made in Japan",

KASHIWA great care about "Japan Design"

and "craftsmanship" in Hida.

Hida Design is a manufacturing based on the

"Hida Design Charter (Established August 1st, 1988)".

Hida's woodcraftman involved in the creation of wood products continue to have the natural grace and deep taste of Hida with the philosophy of the design charter established by themselves, and inherit the traditional wisdom, techniques and thought to modern furniture making I will.

KASHIWA will transmit "Japan's beauty" and

"Hida no mind" from Hida to the world with the aim of establishing Hida design.

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